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The Play+ Universe

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A Dog Trainers Guide to the Play+ Universe

There are the things you “know” in the ordered domain of your and your dog's mind, and then there is the Actual World, you know, the complex domain where things actually happen?


The Play+ Universe is a universal map that helps to keep these domains separate and to help organize and cultivate the knowledge of the Dog | Handler | Team.

Modified Flow Theory


Next Now Cycle of Play


Flow theory is how we throttle intensity of play and how we adjust and maintain a proper emotional and physiological state. Place your dog on this map and that’s his Subjective Tone (classical condition).

With Play+ we work classical and operant at the same time and we do so with purpose and ease using Mental Flow to move the dog down and to the right, or Physical Flow to move up and to the Left.

Primal Games

Embodied Play Experiences of Opportunity | Achievement | Expectancy

Primal Games are first principle type games. They're not sport, nor games of chance, but elemental intersubjective mechanics.

Primal Games-blank.png

Primal Elements

Embodied and Innate Mental Action Capacitiy

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